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Fanilon'I Madagasikara

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34, Rue Ratianarivo - Ampasamadinika
B.P. 839

Telephone: 00 261 20 22 24 720
Fax: 00 261202224720


Promesse de la Guide

Sur mon honneur et avec la grâce de Dieu, je m’engage:
à servir de mon mieux Dieu, l’Eglise et la Patrie,
à aider mon prochain en toutes circonstances,
à observer la loi des Guides.

Guide Promise

On my honour and with the grace of God, I undertake to do my best:
To serve God, the Church and my country,
To help others in all circumstances, and
To keep the Guide Law.

Promesse de la Jeannette

Je promets de faire de mon mieux: pour être fidèle à Dieu, à mon pays, à mes parents, à la loi de la Ronde, et pour faire chaque jour un plaisir à quelqu’un.

Brownie Promise

I promise to do my best:
To be faithful to God, my country, my parents and the Law of the Pack, and To do a good turn to someone every day.


Loi de la Guide

1 La Guide est loyale.

2 La Guide pense d’abord aux autres.

3 La Guide est généreuse, elle est prête à servir.

4 La Guide est accueillante, elle a l’esprit d’équipe.

5 La Guide, sœur de toute autre Guide, est présente à tous.

6 La Guide découvre la nature, elle y voit l’œuvre de Dieu.

7 La Guide sait obéir.

8 La Guide ne craint pas l’effort; elle ne fait rien à moitié.

9 La Guide aime son travail et respecte celui des autres.

10 La Guide est maîtresse de soi; elle est pure et joyeuse.

Guide Law (English)

1 A Guide is loyal.

2 A Guide thinks first of others.

3 A Guide is generous; she is prepared to help.

4 A Guide is welcoming; she has team spirit.

5 A Guide, sister to every other Guide, is at the service of all.

6 A Guide learns about nature in which she sees God’s work.

7 A Guide knows how to obey.

8 A Guide does not fear endeavour; she does nothing by halves.

9 A Guide likes her work and respects that of other people.

10 A Guide is self-controlled; she is pure and cheerful.

Loi de la Jeannette

Une Jeannette est toujours propre.
Une Jeannette est toujours active.
Une Jeannette est toujours gaie.
Une Jeannette dit toujours vrai.
Une Jeannette pense d’abord aux autres.
Une Jeannette est toujours amie de Jésus.

Brownie Law

A Brownie is always clean.
A Brownie is always active.
A Brownie is always cheerful.
A Brownie always tells the truth.
A Brownie thinks first of others.
A Brownie is always a friend of Jesus.


Devise de la Guide 

Toujours prête

Guide Motto 

Be Prepared

Devise de la Jeannette

De notre mieux

Brownie Motto 

The Best We Can

Age groups:

6 to 9 years: HANITRINIALA

10 to 13 years: TANTELIALA

14 to 16 years: VAHINDANITRA

17 - 25 years:  AFO

In addition, there are two specialized branches:

 Branch for disabled (RANOVELONA)

 Branch for rural Guides (VARY)

Development of the movement:

Since its foundation in 1942, the Movement has not stopped existing and always tried to fulfil the aspirations of girls and young women.

Fanilo pays particular attention to female identity and a new profile of women that match with the needs of the church and the country.

Located throughout the island in the 21 dioceses (in parishes, schools and universities, towns and rural villages), the Movement is structured in Districts, groups and units which are directly in contact with girls.

The guideline of the Movement is defined every 5 years with a National Congress. Every two years, senior officials commissioners hold a general meeting for the activity report, discuss and define the activities to achieve. The national team directs and coordinates the decisions of the General Assembly and ensures facilitation, training and relation of the association.    


The Association's aim is to educate girls from 6 to 25 years, from urban and rural areas to lead them to become citizens, Christian, helpful and able to take control of their future. To also contribute to the development of girls and young women, their families and their communities by using the spirit of Guiding in the light of Christian education.

It is therefore an aim to developing each girl the sense of:

- Duty to herself: to enhance health, develop character, build a spirit of resourcefulness

- Duty to others through service, commitment to the community, Service to the Fatherland, the opening


Amongst the Association activities are: 

  • Camping, crafts, game
  • Community service
  • Training on Guiding animation in rural areas
  • Youth training: apprenticeship, technique in secretariat, sewing
  • Participation with pastoral in parishes: catechesis, religious activities.

National presence in the apostolate of laic, in the preparation of the synod, the Central Catholic Youth, the national secretariat of coordination.

At country level: implication in public life through participation in activities and national consultations on youth and in national life. Collaboration with other national associations, NGOs, ministries and institutions. Participation in various national days (wife, family, children...) and national campaigns (vaccination - food - environment...).